2020 Sustainability Report

Goals & Progress

Our Sustainability Reporting Suite includes multiple resources available online that explain our approach to help build a more sustainable food system. This document reflects progress against our sustainability goals, as they were structured in 2020. For details on how we measure performance against these goals, see the Calculation Methodology page on ESG Topics A-Z.

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PepsiCo Sustainability Report Agriculture Focus Area


Advance environmental, social and economic benefits to communities around the world by supporting practices and technologies that promote improved farmer livelihoods and agricultural resiliency, like regenerative agriculture.

Goals & Progress

PepsiCo Sustainability Report Focus Area Water


Drive water security to assure business continuity while positively contributing to communities.

Goals & Progress

PepsiCo Sustainability Report Focus Area Product


PepsiCo's expanded slate of more nutritious and reformulated products is bringing consumers options that are better for people and better for our planet.

Goals & Progress

PepsiCo Sustainability Report Focus Area Packaging


Drive progress toward our vision of a world where packaging never becomes waste.

Goals & Progress

PepsiCo Sustainability Report Focus Area Climate


Do our part to curb climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our value chain.

Goals & Progress

PepsiCo Sustainability Report Focus Area People


Across our business and throughout our complex global value chain, PepsiCo is helping to build diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces, and investing to support prosperity in local communities.

Goals & Progress

Unless otherwise noted, information with respect to our acquisitions of Hangzhou Haomusi Food Co., Ltd. (Be & Cheery), BFY Brands, Inc. (BFY), Pioneer Food Group Ltd. (Pioneer Foods), Rockstar Energy Beverages (Rockstar) and SodaStream International Ltd. (SodaStream) is not included herein. Information with respect to these acquisitions will be included as data becomes available. As a general matter, organizational changes (e.g., acquisitions, mergers and divestitures) are evaluated to determine if they have a statistically significant impact on our sustainability performance and, as data becomes available, all reported years for metrics impacted by an organizational change are recast to consistently reflect the impact of the organizational change.

PepsiCo actively reviews and updates the methodologies for calculating the metrics set forth in this report. From time to time, metrics reported for prior periods may change due to enhanced data availability or methodological adjustments.

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