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Pay Equity

Pay Equity Why It Matters


PepsiCo has robust, long-standing processes for managing pay programs that ensure pay equity across employee groups. Building on that history, we have increased the rigor of our pay equity review processes, as part of our pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) ambition, with a goal to achieve pay equity by implementing a more comprehensive global pay equity review process.

Our pay equity goal is in line with the statement we made in 2016, when we signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge. As part of this pledge, we set a goal to implement a comprehensive, global annual review process to support pay equity for women. As a Fortune 50 company, we felt it was important to add our voice to this conversation and take a leadership position in regards to pay equity.

Pay equity is managed and tracked centrally by PepsiCo’s Total Rewards and People Analytics teams.


As of 2021, we had implemented this process in 72 countries that collectively make up more than 99% of our salaried employee population. Our results show that in this population, women and men are paid within 1%[1] of each other, and in the U.S. people of color[2] are paid within 1% of non-minorities[1], after controlling for legitimate drivers of pay such as job level, geographic location and performance ratings. This gives us confidence that our efforts to achieve pay equity are producing good results. Importantly, we are also gaining insights into how we can advance pay equity in markets in which we operate.

1Based on base compensation.

2Blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

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