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Employee Well-Being

Employee Well-Being Why It Matters


Healthy Living, PepsiCo’s employee well-being program, is designed to help employees and their families improve their physical, financial, and emotional health. The program is based on three pillars of well-being, offering employees a variety of programs to help them:

  • Be Well—Programs to get healthy, get moving, and be safe.
  • Find Balance—Programs to manage stress, build resilience, and improve their financial well-being and work/life quality.
  • Get Involved—Programs to foster community involvement and family and social connections, a critical component to well-being.

To provide a sense of the scope and reach of Healthy Living, in the U.S. alone we offer a variety of programs including: a wellness questionnaire and biometric screening to gauge health metrics; flu shots; telephonic wellness coaching; stress and resilience programs; weight management programs; and fitness and nutrition programs. Through a digital well-being platform, participants may earn points by engaging in these programs. They can redeem points for rewards such as gift cards, Health Savings Account contributions, and sweepstakes entries. Additionally, we offer a healthy pregnancy program; a tobacco-free program; a virtual physical therapy program; care management programs for chronic conditions (like diabetes); an Employee Assistance Program; and preventive care coverage. These programs are available to all benefits-eligible employees, as well as spouses and partners who are already covered under the PepsiCo medical plan.

Our Healthy Living programs focus on improved health outcomes for our employees, which also drive cost efficiencies for PepsiCo.

Our Focus on Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition programs are among our most popular offerings:

  • Fitness Programs: A number of locations with a large employee base provide onsite fitness centers. We offer virtual on-demand fitness classes, taught by our PepsiCo fitness center instructors, to all employees globally. Some locations promote physical fitness through discounted gym memberships, and others offer vouchers and incentives for employees who join a gym. In addition, we hold annual events to help employees increase their physical activity, including a global step challenge, company soccer and softball tournaments, and ping pong competitions.
  • Nutrition Programs: Healthy eating is a key component of the "Be Well" pillar of PepsiCo's well-being program. In many of our larger markets, worksites provide free fruit onsite and healthy food options in cafeterias. Some locations provide nutrition advice and seminars to employees.
  • Well-Being Education: We offer monthly webinars featuring health and well-being topics designed to provide education and support and help employees mitigate health risks. Webinars are hosted by expert partners, and topics are tied to the three pillars of our well-being program and promote our various programs where available. Recordings of webinars are also available.
Support for Caregivers

We offer onsite childcare at our Purchase, New York headquarters for our Westchester-based employees, and near-site childcare for employees at our Frito-Lay North America headquarters in Plano, Texas – with care provided by highly-trained and reputable third party providers. Back-up child and elder care services are available through third party providers when a regular care provider is unavailable.

We also offer access to onsite or near-site childcare at select international locations, and we will continue to evaluate opportunities globally. Additionally, in a number of our locations, we also provide facilities for nursing mothers, including dedicated mothers' rooms and wellness rooms.


In 2020, over 77,000 members registered on the digital well-being platform. Of those registered, two-thirds completed a wellness questionnaire and 80 percent earned points by participating in programs. The stress-management program attracted more than 26,000 PepsiCo employees, and nearly 7,000 completed an initial resilience assessment. Between two weight management programs in 2020, over 6,800 employees participated, losing over 24,500 pounds. As part of our global “Ready, Step, Move…Give!” physical activity program, more than 18,000 enrolled individuals took more than four billion steps in 2020.

Our webinars remain popular, with 15 offered in 2020, on topics ranging from resilience, to fitness, to sleep.

Progress Against Well-Being Goals

Through a PepsiCo initiative called the Wellness Certification Program, we have set clear objectives to increase employee participation in our well-being programs—both in terms of the number of participants and the quality of the engagement. PepsiCo well-being programs are already available in 100 percent of countries with 50 or more PepsiCo employees. We challenged ourselves to reach either “Advanced” or “Cutting Edge” status in at least 50 percent of these countries by 2025. In 2019, we surpassed that goal, with programs in 60 percent of participating countries achieving Advanced or Cutting Edge status[1].

Supporting employees through COVID-19

To support the well-being of our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, we implemented a number of new programs and expanded others. Most notably, we continued to expand our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to new markets outside the U.S., bringing EAP services to a total of 75 countries. We also expanded our stress and resilience program (meQuilibrium) outside the U.S.

To support our working caregivers, we introduced child care support and enrichment options in the U.S. to help employees manage their family’s needs as most schools moved to virtual learning. This included tutoring options at discounted rates for private or small groups through Bright Horizons partners (Varsity Tutors, Revolution Prep, and MarcoPolo Learning); a new “Learning Pods” service from Bright Horizons to help parents find educators who can guide in-home learning for small groups or one child; and free access to Rethink, including up to 7 hours of teleconsultation for parents, and thousands of videos, tools and materials.

What's Next

We will continue to review our offerings to ensure we are supporting employees’ physical, emotional and financial well-being. In the near future, we’ll be launching a new on-demand fitness app in the U.S., as well as running a digital financial wellness pilot at select locations.

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