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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance - Why it matters


Our Board of Directors sets the tone at the top, demonstrating and emphasizing openness, honesty, fairness, and integrity in the Boardroom and across the Company.

To strengthen our Corporate Governance, we have taken the following actions:

  • Adopting Corporate Governance Guidelines for the Company that establish a common set of expectations to assist the Board and its Committees in performing their duties, reviewing these Guidelines at least annually, and updating the Guidelines as appropriate to reflect changing regulatory requirements, evolving best practices and input from our shareholders and other stakeholders;
  • Adopting the Company’s Global Code of Conduct and overseeing compliance, including ensuring corporate culture is on the Board agenda;
  • Holding regular executive sessions between the Audit Committee and our Global Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer;
  • Establishing a means for employees to raise issues to the Board and encouraging a culture of trust so that employees at every level feel comfortable speaking up about concerns; and
  • Fostering a corporate culture of integrity and risk awareness through the Board’s oversight over PepsiCo’s integrated risk management framework, which includes the Board’s review of specific high-priority risks on a regular basis throughout the year.

Learn more about our corporate governance practices, including our policies and Global Code of Conduct, on PepsiCo’s Corporate Governance and Global Code of Conduct pages, and most recent Proxy Statement.