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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare - Why it matters


PepsiCo shares concerns regarding the ethical and humane treatment of animals and supports the Five Freedoms of animal welfare to support good physical and mental well-being for all animals within our direct supply chain. As a major food and beverage company, we strive for sustainable practices in all of our business areas, including animal well-being. Our global portfolio of brands includes a dairy business and products that use animal ingredients such as cheese seasonings, eggs in baked items such as cookies and biscuits, and chicken broth in certain food product seasonings. Apart from our dairy business, animal products are a relatively minor aspect of our supply chain.

Working closely with our suppliers and other stakeholders is vitally important to improving animal welfare in our global supply chains. Many of the animal ingredients we purchase do not come directly from farmers, which makes suppliers key partners to driving improvements. All suppliers to PepsiCo are held to the standards set in our Global Supplier Code of Conduct and are urged to support the principles laid out in our Global Policy on Animal Welfare


In 2020, PepsiCo consolidated its work on animal welfare into its first ever Global Policy on Animal Welfare. In it, we share our commitment and approach to managing relevant issues in our supply chain, including dairy cattle, cage-free eggs, broiler chickens, and animal testing.

We continue to work with suppliers to support compliance with the standards set out in our Global Policy on Animal Welfare is met. For example, all eggs (powdered) purchased in the United States are derived from 100% cage-free eggs and in Europe, 84% of eggs (powdered) purchased have transitioned to cage-free.

For more detail on our efforts to support animal welfare, see our policy.

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